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The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd is a specialist, secure dementia care unit within Iden Manor, benefiting from the wonderful facilities and beautiful grounds.

We provide a dedicated and skilled, registered, fully-trained and above all, caring staff who collectively deliver compassionate and consistent person-centred dementia care.

Within The Good Shepherd we do accommodate people who exhibit some of the more difficult behaviours although we are unable to accommodate those who are severely disturbed or with behaviours likely to prove incompatible with our current residents.

The home provides a warm, friendly, close environment and we concentrate on understanding the impact of dementia on the world view of the particular sufferer, and therefore how they may try to communicate that view to family, friends and carers, so that we can all provide valuable and comforting support.

The ability to interpret and understand each resident’s dementia pathway is critical to recognising and understanding the triggers for certain behaviours and the ways in which needs and wants are expressed – and this is the thread that runs through the care we provide.

Touch and ‘being with’ are an integral part of the care we provide in engaging positively with residents. We also actively encourage residents to wander and rummage – and to participate in meaningful activities when they can, with those activities carefully tailored to the cognitive ability and function of the individual.

We provide comprehensive nursing care for those dementia sufferers requiring more in-depth supervision and monitoring of both dementia and medical needs – and we provide that care on an on-going basis

For those residents nearing the end of their life we resist moving them to hospital unless there are exceptional reasons for doing so, believing that they deserve to have dedicated end-of-life care within the home at such a critical time.

You can discover more on our general philosophy on care here and provision of medical care here.

There are enough staff here to enable us to spend time with people without ever feeling rushed

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