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Medical Nursing Care

Iden Manor is a comprehensively equipped Private Nursing Home, registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which, in business terms, operates as a private partnership.

Whilst most of our residents are with us permanently, some come to us for day care and others for short periods of respite care. This means we need to cater for a wide range of eventualities.

Wherever possible, we provide care within the home without the unnecessary visits to acute hospital environments that can be so unsettling for the elderly and frail. We are well-supported in this endeavour through our skilled practitioner’s knowledge and training, together with on-hand support from our multidisciplinary team and regular access to the following specialists:

  • A visiting General Practitioner
  • Visiting specialist practitioners:
    • Geriatric Consultant
    • Chiropodist
    • Dentist
    • Optician
    • Other vision specialists 
  • Nurse Specialists within the community

We also have formalised links with:

  • Hospices (for specialist advice)
  • NHS colleagues (in acute hospitals)
  • Social Services colleagues

Collectively, these specialists comprise the wider team and enable us to provide a supportive preventative and therapeutic environment throughout the care pathway of individual residents according to their individual needs.

Within the home we provide the following regulated activities:

  1. Accommodation for people requiring nursing or personal care
  2. Treatment of disease, disorder or injury
  3. Diagnostic & screening procedures

Registering these regulated activities means we can provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to on-going chronic and acute healthcare needs of residents throughout the spectrum of ‘young' old age and ‘old’ old age.

Each person’s journey is flexibly supported according to their particular need and in whichever way is required, from rehabilitation through to end-of-life care, and delivered by our specially trained RGNs and HCAs skilled in the care of residents on their last journey.

You can discover more on our general philosophy on care here and provision of dementia care here.

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