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Closely observing the national guidelines for food management, Iden Manor has an excellent reputation for home-cooked food, as well as a 5* rating from the local environmental health department.

Nutrition is very important; all our residents have a nutritional assessment following the MUST guidelines and they have their weight monitored monthly so that any remedial action required can be identified and managed.

Registered Nurses work closely with the chefs to ensure that meals are appropriate to residents’ needs, highlighting any preferences or allergies as applicable.

But there is so much more to food than solely its nutritional value. We recognise just how significant the meal experience is for our residents and so our chefs make sure that they provide stimulation and variety on a daily basis, with as much as possible being home-made rather than bought-in.

The emphasis is on rotational, well-balanced and seasonal menus throughout the year, with special menu days that link with the scheduled activities programme.

We pride ourselves on being able to track the source of all the meats provided by our local butcher and we make a point of sourcing locally grown produce whenever we can – we strive for regular on-going interaction with our local community on many levels.

It says a lot that whenever we have visitors they always choose to eat with us here at Iden Manor… and the chef’s ears should be burning if the number of compliments about the home-made cakes is anything to go by!

Meal times should be a coming together and a celebration

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