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A Typical Day at Iden Manor

Iden Manor is a happy, lively place where every day is enjoyed. And that’s in no small part because we provide a reassuring element of routine, which people like, whilst allowing for plenty of individual flexibility around where people choose to spend their time, and what they choose to do.

It’s important to re-emphasise the respect we pay to our residents, in terms of privacy, dignity, empathy and understanding. Everybody at Iden Manor is determined to ensure that every one of our residents is happy and content – feeling cared for and included.

A typical day


Early morning tea in the bedroom, followed by…

Support with personal care – bathing and dressing; preparing for the day


Breakfast – in the dining room or bedroom… when the sun is shining on a summer's day, residents enjoy sitting in the peace of their room, with the big windows wide open and the birdsong creating a wakeup call.


Socialising with friends, reading, walking in the grounds, doing puzzles – or taking part in scheduled activities


Morning coffee, with biscuits of course


Lunch in the dining room: home made, with tempting starter, main course and dessert

After lunch

Snooze time for the residents (NOT the staff…) How lovely!


Activities – scheduled but not prescribed and certainly not obligatory


Tea and home made cakes… arguably the best part of the day for some people!


Free time


Supper – typically a light, cooked meal or a salad


Evening drinks

Within this framework, and complimenting it very well, is our 'open house' philosophy; relatives and friends (providing we know who they are) can visit at any time during the day from Sunday to Saturday; they can even book in for meals and join in the activities. It’s a lovely way for families to retain the closeness they are used to and as a result, Iden Manor is generally abuzz with comings and goings throughout the day and our residents look forward to the visits – getting to know other families as well as their own!

Visitors also include health and medical professionals who are in and out frequently, providing scheduled and – when the need arises – emergency – support to residents who find their frequent presence very reassuring.

When we admit a new resident, we are admitting their family as well – there’s a big welcome for everyone

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