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The Admission Process and Placement Review

Making the decision on where to live is vitally important at any stage in life – and particularly for an elderly person realising that they cannot be independent any more.

Finding a home where you feel happy, content and secure is critical to your future well-being. Every home has its own character, atmosphere, environment and way of doing things.

So it makes sense that admission to any care home is contingent on a thorough assessment process that provides every opportunity to determine mutual fit – and central to that process is choice for the resident, families and/or social support managers.

At Iden Manor, we make sure that we provide an individual approach that is supportive of our client-centred assessment and planning for care.

The assessment process starts before admission. We observe clear criteria that are there to determine whether the needs of the prospective resident can be met.

Pending admission, the authority responsible – whether that is the resident him/herself or their legal representative, will be given a contract detailing the agreement for placement in our care, including all costs associated with the arrangement.

Once the contract is agreed and signed, both parties have a cooling off period during which either party can decide to end the placement if, and for whatever reasons, the needs cannot be met.

Consultations do not end on admission; once a resident is comfortably settled within Iden Manor we encourage them to take part in our regular residents’ meetings and to have frequent discussions with our care staff.

Care plans are reviewed with each resident and/or their appointed guardians at least once every six months to ensure that on-going needs are being met.

Appointments with the Care Home Manager are easily arranged too, for each resident and/or their relatives. All in all, we take every opportunity to ensure that all of our residents at Iden Manor can be as happy, healthy and fulfilled as possible.

It is so important that families come and visit and get involved… for that to happen means we need to win your trust, and we work hard to do that

Senior Manager

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