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A Warm Welcome to your New Home

You can count on a very warm welcome when you come to Iden Manor. After all, it’s going to be your home and you should feel that you belong from the moment you arrive.

When you move in, a team of staff will spend time with you to assess you current and on-going needs and to plan your support, according to your particular preferences, noting your likes and dislikes.

Familiarity is important and we know that you won’t want to leave behind the treasured possessions that you have acquired over the years and which mean  a lot in terms of the memories they hold. So by all means, bring items of furniture, pictures and keepsakes with you; that way you’ll soon be able to personalise your room and it will your own in no time.

You’ll find that you start to settle into your new home as you become familiar with what goes on. The best way of doing that is through the daily routines – meals, activities, free time and so on, and it will be during those early days that you’ll meet other residents and start to build new acquaintances and friendships.

You will never be isolated at Iden Manor. Although we are surrounded by countryside we are just a few minutes from Staplehurst. Arguably most important of all though, when we welcome you to Iden Manor we welcome your family too. They can come and visit you any day they want to. If they want to get involved in the activities and events we run, that’s good too, and when they see the meals you will be having, they are bound to want to join you for lunch at some point – which is easy to arrange.

This is your home and we want you to enjoy living here.

It’s like a big family here – we all look after each other

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